Full Body Workout for any fitness level.

If you have been looking at the brilliant sunshine and feeling the warmth of its rays and thinking of the sand and surf and being able to enjoy the extra day light hours. Then you look in the mirror, you see a few bits here and there that need a bit of a tone up or see a few pounds that need to be gone by the time the holidays roll around. but then the thought of hitting the gym or even just the thought of paying the gym membership that you know you will have to try and get out of when you realize you hardly ever go. 

You think to yourself "surely there is a better way of getting fit while you enjoy the outdoors and have a dam good time doing it". You remember you own a bike that just sits in the garage. Now as great as it is to be getting your work out on while riding your bike to and from work, or around the block in the weekends, there is a “bicycle” of sorts that allows you to get a more intense work out than just pedaling. 

The 3G Stepper bike is a revolutionary concept developed to merge unconscious fitness with everyday cycling, which will give a healthier lifestyle to cyclists. The Stepper uses foot platforms to replace the pedals of the bike. The rider pumps the platforms up and down, rather than moving in the traditional circular motion of peddling, achieving a better toning of the whole body.

It helps shape the calves, thighs, abdomen, buttocks in a similar work out to that which you would achieve on a stationery Step machine in any gym, as well as increasing your heart rate to speed up your metabolism. The Stepper bike naturally enhances an upright posture because it has no seat unlike conventional bikes.

So the neat thing about the 3G Stepper is that it’s a tough work out and it does have gears!  

The “stepping” motions were pretty natural. Cornering is a blast since it has a wide front tyre. Of course when you’re riding something like this, you’re getting quite a bit of attention from drivers and pedestrians a like. Which is a good thing because you want to remain visible while you’re on the road.

I know what you’re thinking, this is more of a work out machine than a mode of transportation. Well there are two guys who rode their 3G Steppers from Germany to Prague (Czech Republic)! 388.42 KM (241.35 miles) in almost 3 day. If these guys can ride hundreds of miles, I’m sure you’d be able to ride your 2-3 Km commute with a 3G Stepper. 

Along with having a unique machine to ride that catches attention from those around the adult bikes come in 2 colors, the Black "Hammer" and White "Work-It". There is even a kids model, the "junior".

As I sit here writing this i look outside to the sun drenched pavement, I am called to start my exercise regime. so get out there grab some fresh air, sunshine and a full body work out and it doesn't matter what your fitness level, just get started.


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