3G Bikes NZ New Website

After 1 year in business selling these awesome exercise bikes, We have decided to upgrade the website and get better integrated into social media. You will notice that you can now purchase your new stepper bike directly from our Facebook page.

We hope you are enjoying the new look website and some new items that we are bringing to you such as hats with 3D embroided logos and later on we will have some great looking hoodies. Let us know if there are other items you would like to see in our catalog. 

So for those in New Zealand or Australia we are looking forward to some sunshine and warm weather. This starts the urge to venture out and enjoy the warmth and fresh air. This is when we can get out and start the shed the winter weight and get fit, get the body ready for the summer days on the beach, the lake or getting stuck into the garden.

To start your weight loss goals employ the latest revolution in fitness, the 3G Stepper-Bike. These are the result of years of insight into bicycle manufacturing that has allowed 3G Bikes to perfect a machine that will aid in weight loss and improve the your health through a powerful full body workout that is fun and easy for the whole family. The 3G Stepper-Bikes will workout your legs, core muscles and help improve posture through an ergonomic design that will feel very natural for any body type.

These bikes have been designed to allow for all different body types and fitness levels to enjoy the health benefits of the 3G Stepper-Bikes. Our design makes it easy to jump on and off, work out on the go and have fun while losing weight. 

We pride themselves in offering a range of products that provide a custom fit for all the members of your family. We have Stepper-Bikes in adult & kids sizes, one of a kind clever handle bars to fully customize handling. 

The quality and benefits of these products speak for themselves.

There is no longer an excuse to not loose weight and get fit. The 3G Stepper-Bikes make fitness an easy and enjoyable experience that will help you reach your goals faster than any other product out there. Step away from a boring workout routine and don’t pay expensive gym memberships, with 3G Stepper-Bikes you can have fun working out anywhere.

If you would like to try a stepper bike out get in contact with us on our Facebook page or by email, info@3gbikes.co.nz

We will be doing a few events from time to time so keep an eye out for us in your area over the summer.

Look forward to seeing you all out there!

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